Addison Smith has been providing reliable plumbing services to Villa Rica, Ga. since 1954, including water heater repair and installation. As the population of Villa Rica has expanded, our local company has continued to be known in the community for reliability and stability. We are proud to read and hear customer reviews that mention how service was rendered late at night when needed. Trust the local choice for Villa Rica water heaters.

Call Us for Villa Rica Water Heaters Repair Day or Night

We carry a complete line of gas and electric models, as well as tankless water heaters and serve both residential and commercial clients in Villa Rica. Regardless of the time of day or night, phone calls are answered and a technician is dispatched with all necessary repair supplies. Addison Smith has grown as a company over the decades but is still considered the hometown solution for water heater services.

Gas & Electric Water Heater Installation

Villa Rica residents can choose between electric or gas water heater solutions. Most homes are connected to natural gas pipelines, but we can also provide water heaters with propane burners. Whether gas or electric, Addison Smith is ready to install the appropriate water heater for each home or business. We provide commercial water heater services to the expanding Villa Rica business community. As a mechanical contractor, we can design and install an optimal water heating solution for any business.

Get Endless Hot Water with a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters have increased in popularity in recent years. Water is heated on demand, and the unit does not include a storage tank. Tankless models use less energy over time since there is no continuously heated storage tank. We carry the major brands of tankless water heaters and provide consultation on the merits of each. Give us a call about replacing an older storage tank model with a newer tankless water heater. We’ll be glad to fill you in on the advantages and disadvantages of each type for your Villa Rica home.

HVAC Villa Rica, GA

For HVAC services in Villa Rica, GA, Addison Smith emerges as the standout choice, blending expertise with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our seasoned technicians bring top-rated knowledge to every HVAC project, ensuring precise diagnostics and tailored solutions for year-round comfort.

Addison Smith prioritizes top-notch pricing and honest assessments. This increases trust and also delivers fair value. We remain at the top of the industry, employing cutting-edge technology and best practices for enduring HVAC solutions. With a steadfast commitment to your comfort and 24/7 availability, Addison Smith is the trusted partner to ensure your Villa Rica home remains a haven of consistent indoor comfort.

Solutions to All of Your Water Heater Problems

One customer concern that we hear is that hot water is slow to reach distant rooms. We have solutions to minimize or eliminate delivery delays to distant outlets. Another concern is the proper venting of gas appliances. We plan each repair or installation with safety in mind and ensure that a gas water heater is correctly vented to the outside. Give us a call at any time to receive prompt water heater service. Contact us if you plan to install or replace a water heater in your Villa Rica home. We are the local company with broad experience in all aspects of water heater service. Call today!

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