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Commercial HVAC Building Automation

As HVAC / Building Systems grow in complexity driven by the need to reconcile energy cost with tenant comfort or even process cooling such as Data Rooms, Clean Rooms, etc. a well-designed solution offers long term advantages.

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The right solution will always involve every component of the HVAC System(s). The Engineers at Addison Smith can offer the right solution for your needs. A system that is integrated and intelligent while being user friendly and expandable is necessary to meet future needs and growth. Addison Smith’s team of Engineers and Technicians has the experience and know how to provide the most cost-effective solutions in:

  • Health Care Facilities
  • Medical Office and Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings and Process Applications
  • Data Rooms
  • Educational and Institutional Facilities

Commercial HVAC Building Automation Experts

As energy cost continues to be the largest variable expense in building ownership the facility manager, maintenance personnel or building owner needs to be in control of their facilities. Our building management systems can keep you in control of key performance:

  • How much electrical energy is your building consuming?
  • What peak demand (KW) have you reached?
  • How much water are you using?

As a manager, you need to be in control of your facilities. Our well-designed systems can put you in control.

  • Achieve your goals of lowering energy costs 20% to 40%.
  • Temperature controls that respond to occupancy or time schedules.
  • Web based overrides.
  • Achieve your corporate goals of reducing emissions that have a negative impact on the environment.
  • Improved management of your equipment assets – rooftops, air handlers, chillers, boilers, and more.

Commercial HVAC Services – Carrollton, GA

Addison Smith’s team designs systems that grow with the end-user and are user friendly. Our systems are designed to be cost effective for installation and long-term operation regardless of the size of your facility or the number of facilities to be managed. We offer cost-effective solutions aimed at small, large, or multi-site buildings. Control changes can be easily integrated by our Energy Solutions Team or in many cases by the end-user themselves.

We always design around systems that adapt to technology improvements. We do not plan equipment obsolescence. Our team works hard to enable our customers to maintain and leverage their investment in installed control products. We plan for technology upgrades along with minimal expense to the customer.

Addison Smith’s support systems are uniquely qualified to serve our customer’s needs. Addison Smith’s team has the experience and also the breadth of knowledge through on-going training in multiple systems and current technology. Our team is well versed in the various system languages able to work in employing open protocols including Lonworks, BACnet, and also a variety of similar architectures. Therefore this keeps our customers from being dependent on any one controls manufacturer.

Quality Commercial HVAC Building Automation Services

Addison Smith is a full service contracting and engineering firm. We will engage the full resources of our company to provide cost effective solutions. Along with our Energy Solutions Team we have expert knowledge of your facilities’ complete mechanical systems. Our Team can provide your facility with services ranging from total building automation, HVAC Service, and also maintenance.

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