Professional EngineeringWe offer professional engineering services. Our core competencies are in the services described on this page. We do not provide the products our customers provide, so we do not expect our customers to be the experts in the services we provide. Our staff of engineers can develop a solution that will meet your immediate and long-term project needs. This resource provides you with the most cost-effective way of accomplishing your project needs. We provide engineered solutions backed by drawings, documentation and professional validation.

The mechanical engineers of Addison Smith can provide the following:

  • Thermal and structural load calculations
  • Structural analysis and engineering
  • Energy solutions
  • Piping system design
  • Pump system design
  • Stress analysis
  • Machine design
  • Cooling tower design
  • Heat exchanger design

Professional HVAC engineering

Professional HVAC and Commercial Engineering

Addison Smith can develop loads and systems for any size of commercial or industrial project. We can also design and implement platforms for HVAC equipment installations and perform beam analysis. Our mechanical engineers have the experience to handle the design and installation of all piping systems and ventilation equipment. We also are able to work with project engineers and architects to make sure systems and designed and working properly.

Addison Smith also specializes in engineering solutions to problems and exist in building and factories, including assembly line modifications. These modifications can help improve processes, which leads to better efficiency in the manufacturing process.

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