Air Conditioner Tune Up

This is the time of year where your air conditioner has been running full tilt for a while. It seems like the AC just runs and never turns off.  We are here to help with all your air conditioner tune up needs. There are things a homeowner can do to make sure that the cooling system can keep running at peak efficiency.

Schedule an air conditioner tune-up

Just like a car, an air conditioner has moving parts that need to be checked periodically to make sure they are operating properly. An AC tune-up checks the fan motor, looks at the air conditioner compressor, and checks refrigerant levels. The air conditioner maintenance also makes sure all electrical connections are operating safely.  In addition, the technician checks the indoor air conditioner coil to make sure it’s clean and draining properly. A tune-up can help add efficiency to an air conditioner by keeping it clean, which translates to lower utility bills.

Check your filters

Summer is a busy time, and homeowners sometimes forget to check the filter near their furnace to make sure it’s nice and clean. A dirty filter makes the entire heating and cooling system work harder to pull air through the system, which means it costs more for your furnace and air conditioning system to operate. There are many filters available on the market today, from the standard 1” filter to a 5” media filter to an electronic air cleaner.  Each one of these options will filter more of the allergens and bacteria floating through the air, so now’s a good time to check into better filtration options, especially if allergies or sickness are common problems in your home.

Have your airflow analyzed

Some homes may have situations where there are hot spots and cold spots for airflow. This is especially true in a two-story home, where it may be hard to cool the second floor. It may be time to have your home checked to see if zoning your heating and cooling system may be a good solution. Zoning can help by adding electronic dampers and another thermostat to your ductwork and home to better control airflow. This helps your air conditioning system because it puts the air where you need it depending on what thermostat is calling for cooling. This makes the whole heating and cooling system more efficient, which will save you money. And, it will make you more comfortable.

Addison Smith is based out of Carrollton and services the West Georgia area. We can help you with any of these solutions. Give us a call today, and we’ll be glad to talk to you about ways to save you money and make you more comfortable.