Heating System Troubleshooting

When it is freezing outside, you expect to be warm indoors. Like many things in your Newnan home, your furnace needs regular maintenance. Your furnace can malfunction at the most inconvenient time. Fortunately, some issues can be diagnosed and repaired easily. Others will need the expertise of a heating repair service. We are here to help you with heating system troubleshooting. Here are two of the most common furnace problems and their solutions.

Dirty and Clogged Filter

Your furnace has an air filter that prevents pollen and dust from circulating through the air you breathe. The furnace will malfunction if the filter has collected too much debris. Ninety percent of furnace breakdowns are due to the filter being clogged with debris. If this is the issue, you can resolve it by simply cleaning or replacing it. This is the easiest fix. If the problem is more severe than a dirty filter, you’ll need to call a furnace repair technician.

Pilot Light or Ignition Switch Not Working

If the power source has malfunctioned, the furnace will not start. Some units have a pilot light that needs to be lit before the furnace can heat your home. Newer units use an electric ignition switch. This problem can be due to an issue with the gas line or mechanical wear and tear. If the flame keeps going out, the mechanical parts inside the furnace will need to be serviced by a furnace specialist.

Regular Maintenance Will Help Prevent Breakdowns

If it has been several years since the furnace has received regular maintenance, a technician needs to diagnose the problem. A trained technician has the experience and troubleshooting tools required to repair a malfunctioning furnace. A small problem can quickly escalate to a severe problem if the issue is not addressed immediately. Addison Smith provides top quality furnace repair in Newnan, GA to keep you comfortable during the winter months.

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