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Addison Smith boasts the best plumbers in Alpharetta, GA, thanks to their unmatched expertise, reliability, and customer-centric approach. Our skilled plumbers bring years of experience and a deep understanding of Alpharetta’s unique plumbing needs. Whether it’s fixing leaks, unclogging drains, or complex installations, they handle every job with professionalism and precision. Addison Smith prioritizes transparent communication, fair pricing, and prompt, personalized solutions tailored to your requirements. Our plumbers excel in using advanced techniques and high-quality materials, ensuring efficient and long-lasting results. With our commitment to exceptional service, attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction, choosing Addison Smith guarantees your plumbing issues are resolved seamlessly and effectively.

Looking for a company that offers heating, cooling and plumbing services in Alpharetta, GA? Call Addison Smith Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We understand how important it is for you to be comfortable inside of your home. That is why we take pride in offering excellent service as Alpharetta plumbers & HVAC contractors.

Alpharetta’s Expert Air Conditioning, Furnace and Plumbing Repair and Installation Service

Our technicians are trained and experienced and they can repair, install, or replace your air conditioner or furnace. Our experienced plumbers can also take care of your plumbing repairs. We can repair a toilet that will not stop running, fix a leaky faucet, or repair, replace or install your hot water heater. One of the reasons that people in Alpharetta love us is because we are a one-stop shop for heating, cooling, and plumbing services. We understand that getting things repaired or fixed can be quite expensive. That is why we offer our services for a price that people can afford. You should contact us and inquire about our residential worry-free maintenance plan and how you can save 15 percent on your service.

24-Hour Furnace and AC Repairs in Alpharetta, GA

We know that your furnace and air conditioner may not always break down during normal business hours. That is why you can contact us 24 hours a day if something needs fixing. We know how uncomfortable the summer months in Alpharetta can be if your AC is not working properly. Additionally, the winter months in this city can be uncomfortable if your heater is not working. We will get to your home as quickly as possible. Even on evenings and weekends, so that we can fix the problem.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

We offer duct cleaning and indoor air quality services as well. From particles like pollen, dust, and pet dander to mold; bacteria and chemical gases from fireplaces, furniture and carpet, your indoor air can get pretty contaminated. We have plenty of ways to clean the air in your home and breathe easier. Ask about our air cleaners and filters, ultraviolet lights, and whole-house humidifiers. There are several benefits that can be reaped from improving air quality. You can help alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms and also decrease mold buildup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check out our Alpharetta Plumbers & HVAC contractors answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding heating and cooling services in Fulton County, Georgia.

How Do I Properly Check If I Have a Plumbing Leak?

If you think you have a leak in your home, there’s often an easy way you can check. Simply go out to your water meter and record the current level. Make sure no one in your home uses any water for a few hours, then simply go back and check the water meter again (we believe it is easiest to do the first check before bedtime at night, and then do the secondary follow-up check early in the morning). If the water meter level has changed, and no one has used any water overnight, then chances are you probably have a leak of some sort.

Why Does My Water Heater Not Work As Well In Winter?

Alpharetta can have some colder winter months, and therefore it definitely makes sense the water that enters your home is much colder than in Summer and Spring. This often causes the hot water in your tank to lose a lot more heat when it mixes with the incoming cold water. Additionally, you may have sediment in your tank that’s hindering your water heater’s performance.

What Causes A Kitchen or Bathroom Faucet To Leak Water?

The most common thing our local plumbers discover when it comes to checking out a leaky faucet is corroded O-rings, gaskets, or valve seats. Together, these faucet parts are what hold back the water until the faucet is properly opened. So if one of them is corroded, you’ll often end up with a leaky faucet. Our plumbing contractors recommend that you or a professional inspect all the components of your faucet. This includes washers, O-rings or seals, and springs if it has them.

What Size of Sump Pump Do I Need For My Home?

The required horsepower for your sump pump is usually determined by the area of drainage connected to the sump, the depth of groundwater, the depth of the basement, and a few other small factors (most houses use a 1/3 hp pump). We recommend consulting with a professional Alpharetta plumber or sump pump expert to make sure you get the appropriate size for your home.

How Often Do My Air Filters Need To Be Changed?

When it comes to how often air filters need to be replaced, it varies depending on the type of filter you have. If you have cheaper, disposable filters, we recommend changing them every 30 days. If you have pleated, or poly, filters, we recommend changing them every 90 days. There are some higher quality filters or CleanEffects filters that can last a little longer and should be replaced roughly about once a year or so.

What Are The Advantages Of High-Efficiency Air Filters?

In our opinion, proper air filtration is vitally essential to the health of both your HVAC system and your family. Air filters help to prevent dust and dirt from building up in your system to keep it performing at its best. High-efficiency filters do a better job of this and remove dust, dirt, mold, and more from the air. This is especially useful if you have allergies or respiratory issues. High-efficiency filters are usually better, but are not 100% necessary. Whether or not you choose to use them, we do always recommend you change your filters regularly.

Do Bigger Air Conditioning Units Perform Better?

Short answer. Not necessarily. While it is important to purchase an air conditioner that is the right size for your home. If you buy an AC unit that’s oversized or too big, it will cool your home faster.But it will also be less efficient and will not eliminate humidity well enough. It will have short run cycles. While it will cool down the air quicker than a smaller unit will, it will often shut off before it blows enough air across the indoor coil to drain water from your system. This will often leave too much moisture in the air. Which can unfortunately lead to mold and mildew in your home, and is not good for anyone living under your roof.

Your HVAC system starting and stopping more often will cause it to use more energy and usually wear down faster as well. Longer run cycles are more efficient and better long-term.

How Often Should I Have My A/C Unit Serviced?

Our heating and cooling pros recommend having your air conditioner serviced once a year. This will save you on energy and repair costs, keep your system running smoothly and efficiently, and make it last longer. In general, the longer you put off doing AC maintenance, the worse your unit will perform, and the more likely it is that it will break down. Trying to save money by delaying air conditioner or furnace maintenance may backfire by leading to more expensive energy bills, and potentially costly repairs if an issue arises.

How Can I Improve The Air Quality In My Home?

Do you know the first step to improving your air quality in your house? It is to prevent unwanted air from entering your home. To do this, our HVAC contractors recommend that you properly seal your duct system. After that, you can focus on either thoroughly cleaning your existing system or perhaps even installing a more efficient air filtration system.

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