furnace tune-up, fewer breakdowns, extended furnace life by Addison SmithIt’s still warm outside, but September is upon us and that means fall weather will be here before you know it. Before you turn your furnace on for the season, you’ll want to have a furnace tune-up from the furnace professionals at Addison Smith. We repair, install and perform regular maintenance on furnaces from Douglasville to Alpharetta to Villa Rica. There are many reasons to have your furnace tuned up annually. Not the least of which is safety. Our technicians will check for deadly carbon monoxide leaks and keep your family safe. But there are other benefits of having a furnace tune-up. Besides safety, here are the four main advantages:

1.      Furnace Tune-Ups Save You Money on Energy Bills

When your furnace runs more efficiently, it doesn’t have to work as hard. That means it uses less energy which reduces your energy bills. So even though a furnace tune-up costs you money, it also saves you money all season long.

2.      Fewer Unexpected Breakdowns

There’s really nothing more annoying than when something in your home breaks. The great thing about tune-ups is that you drastically reduce the chances for a breakdown. Our technicians check everything, tighten loose parts, lubricate moving parts, fix broken parts, and clean the entire system. We can’t absolutely guarantee that your furnace won’t have any problems during the heating season, but it’s highly unlikely.

3.      Prolongs the Life of Your Furnace

Obviously, when your furnace is cleaned and lubricated and running at peak efficiency, there is less wear and tear on all the parts. This will extend the life of your furnace greatly. Considering what furnaces cost these days, it’s a pretty wise move on your part.

4.      Manufacturer Warranties Remain in Effect

Many homeowners don’t know it, but when you buy a furnace, the manufacturer warranties are contingent upon the owner providing proper maintenance over the years. When you have annual maintenance checks, you won’t end up paying for a large repair that the warranty would have covered if you’d had regular tune-ups.


Join the Addison Smith Worry-Free Maintenance Club

When you join the Addison Smith Worry-Free Maintenance Club, you’ll get two precision tune-ups per year (AC and Furnace). You’ll get priority service if you need repairs and a 15% discount on all repairs. Plus, we won’t charge you for overtime. Becoming a Maintenance Club member is a smart move. Call us today for a furnace tune-up or to join our Worry Free Maintenance Club. Call 770-746-7417.