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The winter months are long and cold and we tend to hunker down and not venture out much. But now that the weather is warming up in Douglasville and other West Georgia towns, it’s a good idea to perform some simple spring home maintenance tasks. Addison Smith Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing has made a comprehensive checklist to make sure your home is ready for spring.

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  • Gutters – Check your gutters for leaves, twigs and debris that gathered over the winter. Clean them out so they flow properly. Also, check your downspouts. Make sure water is flowing away from your house. If you see water pooling near your foundation, you may either need to add dirt to make sure your landscape slopes away from your home or extend your downspouts so they deposit the water further away from your foundation. You don’t want water in your basement.
  • Sump Pump – Check your sump pump. It’s easy to check to see if your sump pump is working correctly. Fill a five-gallon bucket with water and pour it into the sump pit. It should kick on and drain the water. If it doesn’t, you should call us to come check it out. Something you may want to consider, especially if you have a finished basement is a battery backup sump pump. If your primary power source fails, it will kick in to remove water exactly when you need it most. It’s a small investment to prevent a big disaster. Addison Smith has a full-service plumbing department that can repair and install sump pumps and battery back-up sump pumps.
  • Roof – Inspect your roof. Winter winds may have caused damage and spring rains may cause leaks if it is not repaired. Look for missing shingles or shingles that are curling at the edges. If you see any problem areas, call a roofer. Many offer free inspections.
  • Hoses & Sprinkler Systems – Hook your garden hose up and make sure the tap is working and the hose has no leaks. While you’re at it, turn on your sprinkler system and check for leaks and broken or malfunctioning heads.
  • Furnace Filter – Clean or change your furnace filter. You should do this about once a month. If you forgot over the winter, now is the time to get back in the habit. A clean filter will help trap dirt, dust, and allergens and your whole family will breathe easier.
  • Air Conditioner – Clean and test your air conditioner. Make sure there is no brush or leaves blocking the airflow. Your AC will run more efficiently if it is clean. Also, turn your air conditioner on just to make sure it works. If there is a problem, you can have it fixed now instead of suffering in the heat later.
  • HVAC Tune-up – Your entire HVAC system needs a tune-up twice a year. Spring and fall are perfect so you know your AC and furnace are ready for the coming season. Give Addison Smith a call and we’ll come to your Douglasville home and identify any issues in your system before they turn into big problems. We’ll also make sure your AC is running at peak efficiency so you save money on energy costs.

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To schedule your spring HVAC tune up, call Addison Smith today 770-746-7417. Happy spring!