5 for the furnace tips blog postFurnaces have been running now for the last several months, and now is the time to take note of some common furnace problems that we see on a regular basis. These are issues that can be reduced by paying attention to your heating system and calling a professional if necessary.

Furnace Problems

Dirty Air Filters. This is the most common problem we see with a furnace. Most homeowners forget to change their air filter, which causes several problems. When your filter is dirty, it makes your furnace work harder, which will decrease its lifespan. A dirty filter can also restrict air flow, which can impact the comfort in your home. Your air filter should be changed once a month, or if you have an electronic air cleaner that should be cleaned on a regular basis. If you aren’t comfortable changing or cleaning your air filter, call Addison Smith.

Humidifier Pads. During this time of year, your humidifier is extremely important in keeping moist air in your home. This helps with static electricity, dry skin, and even keeps woodwork from cracking. But did you know you have to change your humidifier pad once a year? If not, the pad can dry out and start breaking down, which can then clog your humidifier and cause it to break down. We can change your humidifier pad as part of your yearly furnace maintenance.

Moving Your Dampers. Some people complain about certain rooms not being comfortable in winter or summer. Most duct systems have manual damper systems, which is controlled by a handle on your ductwork. This helps to regulate airflow to certain parts of your home, so in winter you can move more hot air to the lower levels and in the summer move more cold air to the 2nd floor. If your home does not have dampers, its always a good time to have them installed because you’ll end up more comfortable in your home.

Improper Venting. Over time, the venting system can start to wear out for your furnace. Vents can also get clogged with bird nests or other obstructions on the roof. This can cause potential safety issues and potentially allow dangerous carbon monoxide to seep into your home. This could happen on older furnaces, so if your furnace is over 12-15 years old, it’s probably time to have a professional like Addison Smith analyze your furnace and see if replacement is a better option.

Lack of Maintenance. The biggest problem we see is a lack of maintenance when it comes to your furnace. A furnace should be tuned up every year to make sure there are no gas leaks, cracked heat exchangers, or dirt built up on the blower motor. These types of issues can be dangerous and cost you money on your utility bills. A dirty furnace is more likely to break down, and it tends to work harder to provide heat.

HVAC Maintenance Carrollton, GA

Call Addison Smith if your furnace hasn’t been looked at in awhile. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and the cost of a furnace tune-up is extremely reasonable.