AC TipsSave More Energy

The days are getting longer and warmer as spring starts turning into summer in West Georgia. If you haven’t switched on your air conditioning yet, you will be soon. Higher Temperatures mean your energy bills will be hiking up once again. But this AC season, follow these three tips from Addison Smith to save more energy and more money!

Tune Up Your Air Conditioner

To keep your system working at peak efficiency, make sure to get annual maintenance on your air conditioner. Regular air conditioner tune-ups can help prevent breakdowns, prolong the life of your system, and save you money. When your air conditioner is working efficiently, it is also using less energy to do its job, saving you money when it comes to your energy bills.

If you do happen to have an air conditioner emergency, remember to call Addison Smith at our Carrollton location for 24-hour emergency service.

Clean Filthy Furnace Filters

Furnace filters get clogged with dirt, dust and debris as time wears on. When this happens, furnace filters are no longer doing their job and are also sucking more money from your wallet. A clogged filter can restrict the airflow, putting added strain on your heating and cooling system’s fan motor, which means your system is using more energy to do its job. Clogged filters also mean more pollen and pollutants are getting into your home, which is no good if anyone in your home has allergies or asthma. Because of this, it’s important to clean them or replace them every couple of months.

Switch Ceiling Fans for Spring

To save more money on energy bills this season, use your ceiling fans to supplement your AC system. If you adjust your fans to spin counter clockwise, it will create a downdraft of air, which can make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler, and all while using minimal energy.

Adjust Dampers for Efficiency

Another tip that uses no added energy at all is to switch the dampers in your ductwork. Dampers help control the amount of airflow to different rooms in your home. Now is a great time to make some seasonal adjustments. In the summer, heat tends to rise, which usually means the upper floors of your home get warmer than the lower floors. With the air conditioner running, it’s a good idea to open up the dampers in upstairs rooms to allow more cool air to circulate. Then, make sure to keep your bedroom doors closed, so the cool air doesn’t seep into the stairways and fall back down to the lower levels of your home.

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